High school student of female phobia, Yusuke Sasaki. One day, he suddenly flew into a world full of girls. The world is the city of the blue forest “Seiren”. So, he meets a strange beautiful girl, “Michal” ….

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Along with “Miharu”, it was Yukishi who came back to the contemporary world, but as soon as I got back, I got a counter punch in my classmate “paulownia” with my childhood friend ….

“Koyomi” and “Tomoka” who followed “Miharu” are also joining, and the one riot of promise will wind up today as well! !

A little full of service scenes, a bit? Watch out, coming deserted “big bath animation” appears big! !

Bravo from the 1st bathroom!

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Screenplay: Watanabe Yo Story Contest: Aoki Electric Director: Shinada Yu Director: Kenichiro Kajiura

A boy appearing on the surface of a bathroom. Miharu is a beautiful girl you care about the boy.
The name of the boy you care about is Sasaki Sasaki. High school second grader attending Mizuno High School. He was harassed by girls students at school today as he became female phobia due to the influence of childhood. Snow came back tired, immediately, in the bath ….
There was a childhood friend of an embarrassing figure with one bath towel, Take Kojima Picture was there!

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GIRLS Bravo impression corner comment post form To the screen, please enter from here.

Bravo at the 2nd school!

Screenplay: Watanabe Yo Story Contest: Shinhei Ishihira, Aochi Director: Nobuya Hanai Drawing Director: Hideyuki Arakio

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Along with Michal, Yukigase who came back to Earth from the blue forest city “Seiren”. For a while, to keep Michal. To Mikhal who likes breakfast bread, Yukinari promises to buy school purchase bread. Mikhar who ceased to wait after Snowkei and Taki painting school trips, unintentionally aims at Mizuno High School and goes out. That super friendly color man “Fukuyama Kazuharu” was waiting for that school!